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Monday, September 28, 2009

Air Freshener Recyle Sept 28, 2009

Make-Do Air Freshener Recycle

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At Make-Do Mondays we discuss how we’re simplifying, downsizing, repurposing, buying used, and using what we’ve got.

It’s a carnival celebrating creative problem-solving, contentment, patience and ingenuity. To participate, share your own make-do solution in the comments or write up a Make-Do Mondays post at your blog, then return here to link via Mr. Linky. Enjoy others’ ideas by clicking on Mr. Linky and then clicking on people’s names.
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Make-Do Mondays Participants:

1. Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree (Oven Repair)
2. Melinda - Repurposing old furniture
3. Ann Kroeker (plastic bag dryer)

Make-Do Mondays with Shari

Recycle That Dried Up Air Freshener

Here is an air freshener that we tried. But for the second time the shiny beads have dried up into little hard balls.  They still have a scent to them. But they look terrible.  I rehydrated them once before and so this time I will be showing you how I did it. 


You will probably need a Science/Physics or Math Degree, so please read on and decide for yourself what skills you will need to make this Make-Do work for you!

Step one: Grab your freshener.  If yours is like this one, just take the lid off.  Do not turn the freshener on the side or any liquid left may (will most definitely - learned by experience) spill out.

Step 2:  Add water covering your beads.  In this jar I filled it approximately 1/3 full.  I will add more water if the beads absorb all the water I added.
Here you can see there is a lot more water than beads.  Mine foamed up when I added the water, but the foam will disappear later.


After a couple of hours, almost all of the water is absorbed.  It still emits a nice smell, maybe it is not as potent as when it was first created/ opened.  However, I could add some additional scent essence if I felt that was necessary.  I have a stash of them that I got for really cheap - a thrift store buy-  they still smell fine.

Even though this is blurry, it shows that the beads are nearly rehydrated and ready to work freshening up my bathroom again.  

Saves money, fun to do and really you don't need a Science or Math Degree to do this!!!


Thanks for visiting with me today and Please leave me a comment .

Many thanks to Ann Kroeker for starting this carnival and also for entrusting me to carry it forward. I will definitely need your help in making this a success and a place to come and gather ideas on saving money and being responsible for our material goods, time and family.

Again thanks for visiting and be sure to come back...........

with Shari

Make-Do Monday Archives
with Ann Kroeker

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shari (Sharinskishe to the BloggerWorld) Takes Over Make-Do Mondays

Make-Do Mondays with Ann Shari

When I (Ann)  started Make-Do Mondays on December 29, 2009, (*Correction* that would be 2008) I began, “In this fragile economy, I thought it might be informative (and a little entertaining) to share all the ways we’re making-do.”

And with that, I launched Make-Do Mondays: a carnival that I hoped would celebrate creative problem-solving, contentment, patience and ingenuity. I think it has—I hope it has! I hope readers and participants have enjoyed pondering how they can use what they’ve got on hand and sharing some of their clever solutions.

As the year progressed, I began to realize that I was running low on ideas and eventually concluded that I would not be able to sustain the role as host.

So last week I proposed letting someone else host Make-Do Mondays. If no one offered to take on the role as host, I was simply going to shut it down.


Shari of My Practically Perfect Life stepped up to the plate! Make-Do Mondays lives on!

Shari is a veritable make-do guru. You might enjoy browsing her collection of make-do solutions here.

What this means is that I’ll pack up Make-Do Mondays into a duct-taped box and send it to its new home. This time next week I’ll provide the link to Shari’s first official post, where it will have been unpacked and arranged nicely in its new home base!

I’ll still be making-do, since that’s in my basic nature, and when I manage to put together a Make-Do Mondays post, you’ll know where to find me.

As a kind of book-end to my part in this, I thought I’d show you my make-do floss. Because the floss, you see—the broken floss container, that is—well, that’s what started it all.

Please don’t tell my dentist how much is left.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is Make-Do and Where Did It Come From?

At Make-Do Mondays, we discuss how we’re simplifying, downsizing, repurposing, buying used, and using what we’ve got.

It’s a carnival celebrating creative problem-solving, contentment, patience and ingenuity. 

To participate, share your own make-do solution in the comments or write up a Make-Do Mondays post at your blog, then return here to link via MckLinky. 

Enjoy others’ ideas by clicking on the participant's names.


This is the first post for Make-Do Monday, prepared by Ann Kroeker on December 29th 2008, this is the beginning of Make-Do Mondays!!

In this fragile economy, I thought it might be informative (and a little entertaining) to share all the ways we’re making-do.

So I’m launching the Make-Do Mondays carnival.


You can borrow the Make-Do Mondays button if you participate. Simply document and explain how you’re making-do, then pop back over here and use the comments and/or Mr. Linky to let us know.

Here is the post that started it all:

Posted on December 29, 2008  by Ann Kroeker
This is what made me think of it:


About a month ago, I bought the cheapest floss in the dental care aisle.

The plastic box fell apart the first time I used it.

It was bedtime, but in spite of my grogginess, I tried to stick the roll in place, pop the top back on and click it back together. It kept falling apart.

Now that I’m awake and thinking through ways to make-do, I realize that I should have duct taped it. Instead, aggravated, I gave up and tossed it.

But I didn’t toss the innards. I did have enough focus to realize I could make-do with what was left. Since then, every night, I have to unroll the strand from the roll by hand and hold the metal piece in two fingers to slice it off. The first few nights I would drop it on the bathroom counter and chase after the floss as it unrolled like a ball of yarn.

Winding it back up, I’d question if maybe I was a being a little too frugal:

Maybe I should toss this and buy a new one? After all, I could just use this roll to slice cake. That’s making-do, too. I should just purchase a name-brand floss and stop being so cheap.

Then my fingers figured out how to handle the roll and now it’s fine.

Besides, it’s not so much about the floss.

Now it’s the principle of the thing.

It’s about making-do.

Now it’s your turn. How are you making do?

Write about it. Photograph it. Post a YouTube demonstrating it.

Have a little fun and join Make-Do Mondays.

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